Future Golden Age

by Fallstar

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released December 8, 2015



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Fallstar Portland, Oregon

Touring heavy music band from Portland, Oregon. Straight up.

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Track Name: What Roberta Sparrow Said
Yeah we're back again. The crowd stands up we shoot to win. Let the immigrants in I'm a culturist. Yeah we share the same blood and I'm all for it, all flesh is kin. Shake a rattle can and tag again. Like a pack of hyenas we cacklin'. Hunting for the kill that is bound to fall into the hands of the ones who are in it for the all. Full of ideas and we're full of doubts. Who says you gotta have it all figured out. So we're bustin' words, working hard, waiting for the empire to fall. Try and swing at me when I'm on this mountain top. My joy is dancing on this love. We're singing sweet redemption songs. I woke up to find the whole world was asleep. The whole world fast asleep. Fall into a sleep, but we snap back. Wake up, wake up, where you at? Who says you're born with it? Who says you can't resist? All men are born with conscience. Aren't we made in the image of goodness. Spitting image of the truth. I was born to fight the fakes that rule. I was born to push against the sorcerers. I was born to mobilize the voice of youth. Shut down down the armories. Shut down down Guantanamo Bay. I'm pissed, pissed, we're forced to pay for drones to airstrike families.
Track Name: SPIT
I send a warhead to the god of Mars. Blueprint of the war around. Riding inertia of the word that spoke the dawn of time. I ain't the Golden Dawn. I ain't the OTO. I'm casting spells that black magick couldn't say or know. I pull the rabbit out the hat. Something from nothing. So put your money where your mouth is. I raise my hands to the sky. Yes sir, I'm channeling high. So put your money where your mouth is. I'm seeking strength where power was made. So spit in mud, you can touch my face. Open our eyes and enlighten our hearts. I'm overflowing with love and I'm singing with the voices. So Spit. I'm conjuring these thoughts, and I'm laying down leigh lines. We're making peace with flesh and blood while tearing up the sky. Lemme elevate your mind with thoughts that catalyze redemption. Staring into the fifth dimension to the kingdom of God that lives within us. Abracadabra. What we say on earth may it be done above. What we say on earth may it be done in high places. Spit. Spit. Lemme open up your mind. I speak the words of The Artist. Creating like The Creator. I'm such a small man finding my way down a narrow path. I feel my spirit align. I can hear our frequencies harmonize. Now I'm aligning with the stars. I'm aligning with the will of The Most High.
Track Name: Circle Above Me(A Silent Voice)
Underneath our hope there's a silent voice. Without a place to run I travel deep in my mind. Where my shackles break free and I circle above me.I'm dressed in black mourning the lies of my past. I've got these ashes on my head. I'm making peace with that kid again. I dream of the day when the poor can be free. Where weapons lay down. Borders erase. What I know now, and what I didn't back then, is I can see when I don't think I know everything. Nobody has all the answers. There's a place that I know where freedom exists. Where the hills are painted and the spirit surrounds me. I'm shielded from the ghost of dogmas past. Into the canyons of peace. Guilt is released. Head to the west where I am cleansed in the rain. Eyes tight when I pray. Only love compels change. The only thing I can hear now, is love is above all else. Black. Red. Indigo. Crack my head and the colors will flow. Oh go drain my thoughts. Never could be quite what you want. Spit your fire. Draw your blood. When you gonna trade your hate for love? Come come it's calling you to rest in the arms of the Universe.
Track Name: Death Worship
I was born to rage. I was born to crush kings. I am the donkey that kicks into the stomach of hate. Raised in love. I was meant to keep the peace. I won't stop until the viper's head caves under my feet. This is my salvation song man, Injustice anywhere is injustice for all. This is my redemption song yeah. When violence is justified it's nothing but a mouthful of piss. All my life I've been part of a voice you try and silence, but it's never enough. I hear the song in my family and friends. I hear the people of the world wake up. I see war. You feed me war all the time. I don't believe the lie that the violent survive. Blessed Jesus, I will follow. I've learned to fight for the rights of all men and the poor. But there's a shaking in my brain. I'm just one man among the millions. Sing. I'm part of one voice that sees we can build a new world. Pigs. Presidents. Kings. Slip into shadows and bury the truth in your filth. I bite the hand that feeds me war. Death worship. Who is this god that delights in violence? Death Worship. Who is this god that destroys the weak? So spirit lead us to a love without borders.
Track Name: Impossible Dreamers(MFTM)
With one mind. With one voice. Across the earth I can see a light. Bleed. Wake up. Locate the poison and you suck it out. Universe is singing in my bones. You know we only get this one shot. And I'm not waiting to die to see light. I feel it in my soul. We wanna live as one. Let you know we're not so far away. Breathe. Silence. Our voice is violent as the undertow. No creed or border ever can divide us now. Heaven's here when we can see our own blood in every human that walks the earth. Blessed is the one who can withhold judgement long enough to see that the divine lives in us all. Believe in impossible feats by impossible dreamers. This is the music for the masses. This is the dance in the desert.
Track Name: Summit
I'll cross the ocean until the earth shakes me off if it. I'm planning for rain. See through the water to the light ahead. And how am I supposed to talk myself out now? There's a million different people climbing up the mountain. We could change tomorrow. We've reached the border. See the skyline in front of me? I'm praying for rain to drown the pain and wash the war away. And how can I believe when I can't trust my doubts? And how can I keep speaking when I can't trust my mouth? We'll never stop believing. I hear distant voices from desert highlands. We swim across the ocean for inner silence. Reach the end.
Track Name: Write My Name in Gold
Over all the hills I can hear it. I venture to the bottom of the ocean. Looks we're gone, far into the unknown. So write my name in gold. Show me what it looks like after it. Tell me of a way to get over it. Looks we're gone, far into the unknown. So write my name in gold. Dirt and the dust, I buried my blood. To the one who came to conquer. To the one who crushed our state but not our will. Did you think we wouldn't fight back? I can hear you justify your beliefs in war you call it love. I know God above us sees me and I know that he hasn't forgotten my pain, my people, my struggle, my cries. Coming from the mouths of the smallest ones to fortify the bones of the weaker ones. Looks we're gone., far into the unknown. So write my name in gold. This is what it looks like after it. This is all we needed to get over it. Looks we're gone, far into the unknown. So write my name in gold. I dream of a day when my people are one, all under the sun. Where the wealth of some becomes the wealth of all. Where the sick and hungry are the fed and clothed. We speak into your mind. We speak into the future. We have everything we need. There is no scarcity. Yeah our next step in evolution is to live in peace. There is no other alternative, there is no other way. So you can go. I'll never say goodbye. I couldn't save your life. I couldn't save it if I tried.
Track Name: Radio(NW Hesh)
Brittle bones. Hanging cold. 'Till every piece of me has died, I can never grow wings to fly. I'm only doing what I want. I'm only singing my own songs. So forget everything, I do it all for music's sake. 'Cause I'm a ticking bomb. We're doing violence to your head. You'll play our songs until we're dead and gone. We are the ones who took the risk. That's why you'll never catch us spinning on the radio. I'm only doing what I want. I'm only writing my own songs. I don't care what they say I'm making art to keep me sane. 'Cause I'm a ticking bomb. North. West. Hesh. Kill 'um. Where is integrity? When will the fakers fade. This craft was meant to edify the world, not degrade it. We do it for the good. We do it for the art. That's why you'll never catch us spinning on the radio. We'll never front or fake. No we're not playing games. This is the magic of the sacred and the profane. We do it for the good. So write my name in gold. That's why you'll never catch us spinning on the radio.
Track Name: Slaves
Hey must be the money. Oh my God, it's like my head's been kicked. Your bringing me here to conviction from bliss? So my opulent lifestyle affects those in need? Let's take a little trip to the factory. I see hate and greed. I smell sweat and machines. In this day and age? With our technology? I bought this T-shirt for $9.99, but the laborer gets paid a nickel and a dime. Hey. I'm calling out to the ones who love and can act it out. I'm like, oh yeah. Blessed is the man who can check, check, check, check, check your head. Do you think she's down? Are you absolutely sure she ain't forced around. You only put a single dollar bill in her breast, but are you positive you didn't pay her master instead? I'm not OK with slaves today. We can never forget all our people in chains. I'm not Ok with slaves today. Never. We can't say, "We never knew." When we really shoulda known. When a man is treated like an animal it should stir your soul.
Track Name: Under the Gun
If f-18's are doves, and M-16's are love, then peace is not at all what I thought it would be... I'm tired of hearing 'bout another bomb. Another drone ripping a family apart. I'm sick of safety at expense of the weak. I hate Democracy speech by Oligarchy regimes. I'm pissed that money is the ruler of man. I'm pissed we're separate and so distracted. I'm pissed that no one ever really cares or understands all blood is our blood. Hate. Hate, but we're calling it love. Love. Love, but it looks like war. They say, "Don't think. You just need to believe." May my voice be the bomb at the belly of the beast. But my heart is aching. And my mind is racing. You know we're under the gun. Is it too late to love? Too late to wake up? Can't take from me. My agency means everything to me. Cannot take my will. I'm sick of funding other people's greed. Out taxes paying for their acid rain and barium. I hate our system that hates the poor and the laws that protect oppressors I deplore. I'm hella sick of being told I'm watched. They hear and record my calls. I'm so pissed with how we've treated our home. I want my children to be born into a beautiful world. We're fit to be sold, do what we're told, work to the bone until we grow old. We're taught to become bitter and cold. Put your head down while they eat you.
Track Name: Dance in the Desert
I strike back and rage into the dying of the light. Without an afterlife, I found heaven on the inside. We're at war with the cycles. We're at war with fear inside of us. I'm heading to the place where I see lights in the sky. Silence. I stand in wonder. I found freedom in your hands. Stare and Wonder. As the universe aligns before me. Every good I know is connected to the spark inside of us. We gotta get it back. Feel it in my bones. I've got fire shut up in mine. Feel it in my bones. I've got fire shut up in bones. We walk across the ocean of fire to dance with the animals. When you've heard your name a thousand times, they say that you wake up. If I set ten thousand mirrors a little light should be enough.
Track Name: This is My E.L.F. Weapon
Thoughts into words. Words into bombs. See we're headed up north cause the rain runs through our bones, it just feels like home. So welcome to the playground of the gods. Thought long and hard but never forgot all the places we have come and gone, the people who we've loved and lost. So we raise you up. Like you raised us up. Hear the voices say, "My way." No! We took the narrow gate. Stomping on earth gods. Weaponizing our artwork. Hard work. Devotion to bring light into a broken world. But can you hear her pulse still beating? Her blood still bleeding? I hear thousands still singing and they're binding up her wounds. I truly believe that the light will always conquer the dark. Just like I truly believe that the kingdom of God exists within us all. So open your ears and unlock your mind. We prayed we wouldn't die so we could share with you these lines.
Track Name: Eros & Psyche
I have found bliss here. We'll never leave unless you drag us out dead. Steadfast. Bring the beat back, 'cause I am found. And I ain't slippin' out the back door. And I ain't playin' when I say I'm gonna stay. I run scenarios that keep me up at night. I make decisions that I take into my grave. You are the light to my eyes, color of all my longings. Like an alter of fire. As Eros and Psyche live, we are alive together. We escaped from the void. Sing with our voices. Following footsteps that lead me back to you. Like a light in the sky. As Eros and psyche live, we are alive together. We're gonna finish what we started Love. Even if it's only us against the world. It's past the point of being two of us. I'm one with all that can complete me. I would run one thousand miles to see you. Oh to be near you, to hold you close.
Track Name: Divine Spark
Deeper than I've ever gone, farther than I know. There's a goodness that surpasses all the wicked in the world. So can I ask you now? Did you believe in me, swimming in the tidal wave? I thought I lost my mind, but I could hear you in my ear so clearly. Oh my God, I've found something to die for. All my life I've waited for an answer. I don't believe that heaven's out there somewhere in the clouds, cause I hear a voice keep telling me he brought it to the ground. So can I ask you now? Did you believe in us, even while you were here on earth? Could greater things be done? Could greater things be done in us? If there is divine spark in us won't you help us to release and burn? The spark inside of us. Burn. The spark inside us all. All creation reconciled, as above so below. My people are you with me where you at? In the front, in the back, we got lights on our heads. My people are you with me where you at? In the front, in the back, making noise, making noise like, "I'm on fire" Won't you help us to release and burn. Who was it that said it would all end in flames? Who was it that said this truly our fate. Oh my God, I've found something to live for. All my life I've waited for an answer.