I send a warhead to the god of Mars. Blueprint of the war around. Riding inertia of the word that spoke the dawn of time. I ain't the Golden Dawn. I ain't the OTO. I'm casting spells that black magick couldn't say or know. I pull the rabbit out the hat. Something from nothing. So put your money where your mouth is. I raise my hands to the sky. Yes sir, I'm channeling high. So put your money where your mouth is. I'm seeking strength where power was made. So spit in mud, you can touch my face. Open our eyes and enlighten our hearts. I'm overflowing with love and I'm singing with the voices. So Spit. I'm conjuring these thoughts, and I'm laying down leigh lines. We're making peace with flesh and blood while tearing up the sky. Lemme elevate your mind with thoughts that catalyze redemption. Staring into the fifth dimension to the kingdom of God that lives within us. Abracadabra. What we say on earth may it be done above. What we say on earth may it be done in high places. Spit. Spit. Lemme open up your mind. I speak the words of The Artist. Creating like The Creator. I'm such a small man finding my way down a narrow path. I feel my spirit align. I can hear our frequencies harmonize. Now I'm aligning with the stars. I'm aligning with the will of The Most High.


from Future Golden Age, released December 8, 2015



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Fallstar Portland, Oregon

Touring heavy music band from Portland, Oregon. Straight up.

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