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Hey must be the money. Oh my God, it's like my head's been kicked. Your bringing me here to conviction from bliss? So my opulent lifestyle affects those in need? Let's take a little trip to the factory. I see hate and greed. I smell sweat and machines. In this day and age? With our technology? I bought this T-shirt for $9.99, but the laborer gets paid a nickel and a dime. Hey. I'm calling out to the ones who love and can act it out. I'm like, oh yeah. Blessed is the man who can check, check, check, check, check your head. Do you think she's down? Are you absolutely sure she ain't forced around. You only put a single dollar bill in her breast, but are you positive you didn't pay her master instead? I'm not OK with slaves today. We can never forget all our people in chains. I'm not Ok with slaves today. Never. We can't say, "We never knew." When we really shoulda known. When a man is treated like an animal it should stir your soul.


from Future Golden Age, released December 8, 2015



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Fallstar Portland, Oregon

Touring heavy music band from Portland, Oregon. Straight up.

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